Während Ihres Bewerbungsgesprächs werden Sie gebeten::

  • Personalausweis, ein Versicherungsdokument einer öffentlichen oder privaten Einrichtung und ein Gesundheitsheft, um eine zuverlässige und eindeutige Identifizierung bei Ihrer Aufnahme zu gewährleisten.
  • Die Adresse und Kontaktdaten der anvertrauten Person sind gegebenenfalls zu informieren.
  • Die Namen Ihres Arztes und der Person, die für die finanzielle Deckung der Klinik verantwortlich ist.
  • Wenn Sie möchten, können Sie auch eine Einzelzimmer Reservierung arrangieren:
  • Eine Anzahlung kann mit Bargeld- oder Bankkarten beglichen werden.
  • Denken Sie daran, Ihre neuesten Rezepte, Röntgen- und Labortests sowie Ihre Gesundheitsakten mitzubringen.
  • Persönliche Gegenstände: Während des Eintritts wird empfohlen, Toilettenartikel, Nachtwäsche, Hausschuhe, Unterwäsche, einen Trainingsanzug und Turnschuhe mitzubringen, die für Rehabilitationsmaßnahmen (Fitnessstudio, Entspannung…) nützlich sind.

Patient’s rights

The purpose of these privileges is to inform patients, who are hosted in any medical facility, of their fundamental rights, as defined by the law on patients‘ rights in the health system. We are committed to:

Confidentiality of your care and guarantee of non-disclosure of your presence at Agios Charalampos Clinic

Agios Charalampos Clinic is bound by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the European Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data. Agios Charalampos Clinic has harmonized its procedures in accordance with the above regulation and has a system for managing patient records (medical and administrative records), to ensure the pricing of transactions in the clinic, to send invoices to social security funds and other insurances, to develop internal indicators and indicators for the guardianship of patients where needed, to carry out statistical tasks, to manage the processing of personal data (for example, education and treatment of patients etc.)

The personal data you entrust us with is collected for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes. Only authorized people can have access to personal data contained in our records. We adopt sensible security measures for the protection of our data. 

The responsible person on the protection of data of Agios Charalampos Clinic is at your disposal for any further clarifications. 

How to gain access to a medical file

The information needed to secure your medical care in Agios Charalampos Clinic is collected in a personalized medical record protected by medical confidentiality. You may access this file at your request and in accordance with the terms and conditions set by law. Your medical history is kept in Agios Charalampos Clinic for 20 years since your last hospitalization. 

For further information, please contact 

For more information, please refer to the http://www.dpa.gr/portal/page?_pageid=33,124669&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL#1 page of the Personal Data Protection Authority.

The control of hospital/clinic infections

At Agios Charalampos Clinic, a committee for the control of hospital infections has been set up, consisting of medical, nursing and administrative staff. The task of the committee is to prevent infections and to establish surveillance data regarding hygiene, patient safety and staff.

Comments – Evaluation

Should you wish to make a comment regarding the conditions of reception and care you are offered during your stay, we invite you to tell your doctor, nurse or clinic manager immediately. Everyone is at your disposal. You can also comment through the satisfaction questionnaire given to you.


The preparation for the discharge of the patient is organized by Agios Charalampos Clinic following the instructions of the attending psychiatrist at the Clinic and in consultation with the psychiatrist who is monitoring the patient externally and possibly referred him to Agios Charalampos Clinic for hospitalization.

The Social Services and Occupational Therapist at Agios Charalampos Clinic will have advised the patient in preparation for their return home, specifying the arrangements that they would like to make in the patient’s home for their better recovery and eventually reintegration into their environment. 

Your opinion is important to us. We kindly request you to fill in an evaluation questionnaire for our services when leaving Agios Charalampos Clinic. This allows patients to express – anonymously – their level of satisfaction with their care and living conditions. You can either hand it in to members of the team responsible for your care or put it anonymously into the mailbox provided for this purpose. 

Documents delivered when leaving

Exit information from Agios Charalampos Clinic, medical documents (lab exams, x-rays, prescriptions …), detailed service invoice and hospitalization certificates will be given at discharge.

In addition, if you wish, a report about your course of care will be sent to your doctor.

Many times, our patients ask us for medication for a few days after leaving Agios Charalampos Clinic, until they see their doctor for prescription. This is possible after consultation with the pharmacist at Agios Charalampos Clinic. 

Payment of hospital expenses

Agios Charalampos Clinic is a private medical nursing unit, approved by the Ministry of Health and audited annually by the competent body of the Region of Crete, which also provides it with the necessary Certificate of Good Practice. It operates in accordance with PD 235/2000 and all subsequent legislation covering the specifications and operation of Psychiatric Clinics in the Greek Territory.

Expenses to be paid by the patient and /or his private insurance

  • daily hospitalization, including the day of departure,
  • the difference in daily hospitalization from the patient’s insurance coverage (co-payment)
  • all possible charges incurred during the patient’s stay in Agios Charalampos Clinic (single room, telephone calls, à la carte hotel services, television, etc.)

For the patient without social security (EOPYY) the daily cost of hospitalization will be borne by the applicable social security invoice. Invoices are issued at the end of the month and are paid upon receipt. Payments are made by check, credit card or cash at the accounting office of Agios Charalampos Clinic. The last payments are made on the morning of the day of the patient’s final departure from Agios Charalampos Clinic. 

The cost of the day care is listed in the Clinic’s brochure that you receive when you are admitted to it. It varies according to the law and the contracts in force.

In the event of non-payment, Agios Charalampos Clinic reserves the right to proceed with the collection of the debt in any lawful manner.


The CS Clinic team is committed to promoting patients‘ reintegration into their home environment and is therefore actively seeking to maintain family and social bonds.

Information and support of relatives

Subject to the patient’s consent, we invite families to visit Agios Charalampos Clinic to arrange an appointment with the physician. These meetings are an opportunity for the patient’s relatives to better understand the disease and its treatment, to facilitate return home by supporting what hospital care can achieve.

The patients‘ relatives and carers are welcomed with care and kindness in the Clinic. They are informed – if they so wish – at every step of their relative’s care.

Visits: They are individually defined by the scientific team depending on the phase of hospitalization and recovery of each patient. Daily according to the timetables set out in the booklet upon admission.

A map is available at the Clinic Reception for easier access to Agios Charalampos Clinic. Ask for it!

In addition to the medical and therapeutic limitations, it is recommended to limit visits to two persons at a time, as an sign of respect for the rest of the hospitalized patients. It is also recommended that children under 15 avoid visiting patients for security reasons. 

When the patient’s health status is judged by the scientific therapeutic team to allow a short-term exit from the Clinic, it is encouraged to be escorted out of the clinic by his relatives for targeted activities, for example, patients have the chance to go out for lunch with a beloved person.

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Historical Background

The private neuro-psychiatric clinic “Agios Charalampos” was founded and began its operation in 1967 by the neurologist – psychiatrist Ioannis Konstantinou Tsapakis, graduate of the Medical School of Athens University


Our primary goal is to offer assistance in any way possible to people who are in a fragile and weak state in their life, providing them with medical, psychological and social support in order to successfully deal with their disease

Admission Procedure

During your interview for admission, you will be asked to give: Identity Card, an insurance document from a public or private entity and a health booklet, to ensure reliable and unique identification on your admission.


The clinic was renovated in 2017 and consists of three floors appropriately equipped for the needs of the patients. It has a Nursing Home Unit with a capacity of 33 beds and a 3-bed intensive care unit.
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