Our values

Our values

  • The first of all our responsibilities lies with our patient and his relatives, while the second, with doctors, nurses, other staff, and our external partners.
  • We are constantly expanding our research efforts and innovative programs.
  • We adopt best practices for the protection of the environment and natural resources.
  • We encourage activities for health education and development.
  • Our team consists of citizens who support good actions, participate in various ways in charitable organizations and contribute meekly to society.
  • We take care of our employees, so that they always fulfill their family obligations successfully.
  • We provide our employees absolute freedom of recommendation, complaints, and opportunities for personal growth and continuous improvement.

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Historical Background

The private neuro-psychiatric clinic “Agios Charalampos” was founded and began its operation in 1967 by the neurologist – psychiatrist Ioannis Konstantinou Tsapakis, graduate of the Medical School of Athens University


Our primary goal is to offer assistance in any way possible to people who are in a fragile and weak state in their life, providing them with medical, psychological and social support in order to successfully deal with their disease

Admission Procedure

During your interview for admission, you will be asked to give: Identity Card, an insurance document from a public or private entity and a health booklet, to ensure reliable and unique identification on your admission.


The clinic was renovated in 2017 and consists of three floors appropriately equipped for the needs of the patients. It has a Nursing Home Unit with a capacity of 33 beds and a 3-bed intensive care unit.
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